Consumer & Retail

Consumer product companies need to constantly adapt to changes in lifestyle and taste while being able to offer a superior value proposition to their customers. Striving to occupy sustainable market positions in the digital age while realizing economies of size and scope is governing strategic decisions and M&A activities. Retailing has long been regarded a largely consolidated activity in many traditional markets but players are now often facing new entrants and powerful threats, e.g.: consumers buying directly from the manufacturer.

Consumer & Retail sectors we cover

  • Textiles & Apparel
  • Personal Products & Personal Care
  • Home Products, Appliances & Furnishings
  • Home Product Retailing
  • Recreational Products
  • Sporting Goods
  • Personal Services
  • Food & Drug Retailing
  • Diversified Retailing
  • Clothing & Accessory Retail
  • Pet Products, Care & Food
  • Hotel, Resort, Lodging, Cruise Operators
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Casinos & Gaming Products, Facilities & Services
  • Leisure & Recreation Facilities, Services & Products
  • Broadcasting Entertainment

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