Energy & Utilities

The Energy industry is complex and capital intensive, with a high degree of regulation, subsidization and disparate levels of natural resource availability. The need for more efficient, decentralized and renewable methods of energy production are being driven by the rise in environmental awareness and the scarcity of fossil resources.

Energy & Utilities sectors we cover

  • Coal
  • Oil and Gas
  • Gasoline Retail & Distribution
  • Natural Gas Distribution Utilities
  • Other Petroleum Products for Energy Use
  • Ethanol, Biodiesel & Other Renewable Fuels
  • Hydrogen
  • Biomass & Biogas Fuels
  • Natural Gas & Coal-fired Electricity Generation
  • Hydroelectric (conventional) Generation
  • Alternative & Renewable: Wind, Solar, Geothermal & Tidal
  • Electricity Utilities
  • Electricity Services
  • Water Utilities & Services
  • Waste Management

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